J.N. Nov. 2021
“Thank you once again George for your care, your motivation and your humour during my stay in the cardiothoracic ward.” IMAGE1 & IMAGE2
B&P.B. Nov. 2021
“Thank you for your kindness and dedication.” IMAGE
M&S.B. Oct. 2021
“ I feel sure that without your skill, patience and dedication a great number of people including myself would not be here to tell the tale.”” IMAGE
P&J. T. Aug. 2021
“Special thanks to George for putting me back together again.” IMAGE
J. W. May 2021
“This music was composed and issued for use on the web site by the patient JW who had a heart operation in 2021 – ©2021JGWMusic” IMAGE

S.D. May 2021
“Thank you for sorting my heart issues out and for doing such a good job on me”” IMAGE
<i>S.C.</i> May 2021
“ 2 years since my operation – still well and so grateful” IMAGE
M. H. May 2021
“You operated on me on my 61st birthday and, as the anniversary of your life saving work approaches, I want to thank you for the first year of new life you and your brilliant team at John Radcliffe have given me.” IMAGE
M. H. April 2021
“Thank you so much for extending my life. You are an amazing man.” IMAGE
H. McC. April 2021
“A really big thank you to you and to your staff for all that you have done for me. As I told you when we met, I will pray for you. There is no more meaningful gift that I can offer you..” IMAGE
M & L. H. April 2021
“We post the following photograph, to show you how Lee is after the amazing work you all did to save Lee’s life..” IMAGE
A-S-D.R. Apr. 2021
“Thank you for your dedication and expertise. As a family we are deeply indebted to you for all you did for Steve.” IMAGE
P. S. Mar. 2021
“I am most grateful for your professionalism, your phone calls and letters to keep me addressed of the results of tests I had.” IMAGE
J. B. Mar. 2021
“Your phone calls were so reassuring and I felt that he was in the safest hands possible.” IMAGE
B. H. Jan. 2021
“I trusted you completely and you have done a wonderful job, to feel like I do at the moment after 7 years of AF is brilliant and it’s difficult to explain how good it is to be somewhere near normal again.” IMAGE
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