J.M. May 2015
…my gratitude to you and to your incredible team for giving me my life back. Page1, Page2
G.B. Apr 2015
Thank you for your concern, visiting me each day on the ward, giving me such confidence. IMAGE
A.S. Apr 2015
I now feel able to express my thanks to you and your excellent team who cared for me… IMAGE
N.C. Mar 2015
It is one year since you carried out a brilliant bi-pass op’ on my heart and I’m so happy! IMAGE
C.M. Mar. 2015
Thank you very much for giving me a few more years. IMAGE
D.J. Mar. 2015
…thank all your team for the expertise, care and courtesy they show me during my stay… IMAGE
J.N Feb. 2015
A million thanks IMAGE
C.H. Dec. 2014
I really appreciate your personal attention to my well-being and healing process. IMAGE
T.C. Nov. 2014
My recovery is progressing steadily every day, totally pain free and amazes me. IMAGE
D.B. Nov. 2014
I thank you most sincerely for giving me the gift of a return to good health and mostly for giving me back my quality of life. IMAGE
M.K. Oct. 2014
Thank you for what you did for me and my family. IMAGE
R.G. July 2014
…George who himself came in daily to see me he gave me instructions and answered questions as and when needed. I have to say his sense of humour was second to none and that also helped to pull me through. IMAGE
B.S. July 2014
Many thanks for your care, skill and kindness. IMAGE
D.M. June 2014
I would like to offer my grateful thanks to Mr George Krasopoulos and his whole team for the excellent manner in which my treatment was contacted. Although, it was a traumatic time for me I was kept informed the whole time as to how I would be treated. IMAGE
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