I.T Oct. 2023
“The talent, skill and genuine caring manner of all concerned is great credit to the team/medical profession. I am forever in debt to you and the whole team.”IMAGE
M.F Oct. 2023
“I have immense admiration for the skills you possess and the are no words adequate enough to express my gratitude.”IMAGE
C.D Sep. 2023
“As you promised it has transformed his life. He is fit and well thanks to your skill and the skills of your team. A big thank you from both of us.”IMAGE
J.B July 2023
“I just wanted to say a quick thank you for all you have done to help me. What a journey it has been! My care whilst in Hospital couldn’t have been better. All of the staff were amazing.”IMAGE
D.C June 2023
“A big thank you for taking good care of me during my operation and after.”IMAGE
SJ Mar. 2023
“For the first time in nearly three years I ran today for five kilometres, something not so very long ago I wondered whether I would ever be able to do again. The feeling of being oneself again, after so long, is a truly wonderful thing and all thanks to you and those around you.”IMAGE
CMcG Mar. 2023
“Throughout my time under your care, your friendly, approachable but professional style played a huge part in helping me to deal with what was – inevitably – a difficult and occasionally frightening experience. So thank you and your brilliant team, once again, for your wonderful work, for which both I and my family will be forever grateful.”IMAGE
L.A Feb. 2023
“Many thanks for all your care and support. You have given me a gift that cannot be matched. A gift of life.”IMAGE
S&AW Jan. 2023
“Thank you for all that you have done for Ari.”IMAGE
P&AP Jan. 2023
“Efcharisto. Your kindness brightened up my days. Thank you so very much.”IMAGE
D.L. Jan. 2023
“My wife and I just want to sy a big thank you for treating my problem in the way you and your team have”IMAGE
D.H. Dec. 2022
“Looking forward to yet another Christmas + new Year thanks to you + your team.”IMAGE
G.D. Dec. 2022
“…I would like to say how grateful I am for the wonderful work of you and your team to keep me here on the planet!”IMAGE
R.Y. Nov. 2022
“I am well aware of the fact that I would have died but for your skill and the care I received following the operation.”IMAGE
T.M. Oct. 2022
“I am very thankful and grateful to you and your team for the skill, professionalism and your care in diagnosing and then expertly performing the surgery necessary to remove and replace my faulty aortic valve and the infected root. I was fully aware from our discussion pre-surgery of the risks and issues involved in the surgery. From my prospective you and your team performed a difficult, challenging operation with great skill.”IMAGE
M&S.B. Oct. 2022
“Due to your skill, confidence and understanding I will tonight be out for a meal with my wife and next week will be celebrating my 76th birthday. Both of these events and the great many others that have happened in between would not have been possible, had it not been for your talent and your dedication to your profession.”IMAGE
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