N. C. May. 2024
“It’s been ten years since you fixed my hear and gave me the life I was convinced was at end.”IMAGE
R. J. Apr. 2024
“Thank you, George and your brilliant team, for your truly amazing work.”IMAGE
Family of R. J. Apr. 2024
“Your skill and kindness were incredible, and we shall be in debt to you for always.”IMAGE
M. B. Apr. 2024
“I really feel that my recovery was less painful and that mobility was instantaneous with the plates. Just need to remember not to twist until fully recovered! Of course, in addition to the above, my excellent surgeon might have played a major part in my recovery, and to him I offer my sincere gratitude and thanks.”IMAGE
I.H. March 2024
“Thanks for giving me a second chance of life.”IMAGE
T.L. Feb. 2024
“A Shakespearean Sonnet by Thaiquan Lieu 廖泰钧 * Rhyme scheme : abab, cdcd, efef, gg * Length-wise, mountains can’t rivers compete, Solid-wise, rivers can’t mountains contend. Flexibility – mountains can’t beat Rivers but the latter can’t comprehend The former’s worth of being stationary. The minuses and pluses of Mother Nature Are deceptively simple but hard to see, Take the example of fire and water: Water extinguishes fire but water dries When in the pot fire makes it disappear. Across the vast heavens the eagle flies, The depth of ocean is the great fish’s sphere. The Yin and Yang of this world and beyond, Ripples Wisdom not seen in Knowledge’s Pond”IMAGE
J.K. Feb. 2024
“Thank you George, you have given Ken the chance to live, work and enjoy his family.”IMAGE
L.&K.B. Nov. 2023
“…thank you to you and your team for your expertise, skill and knowledge for mending my heart…”IMAGE
J.A. Nov. 2023
“A year on (although it seems like yesterday) and my health and wellbeing have been transformed thanks to you. I am able to continue enjoying the outdoor activities that I was able to before my body had other ideas, such as hill walking and rock climbing (at the ripe old age of 53!). Honestly words cannot express how utterly and completely grateful I am to you and will be for the rest of my life!”IMAGE
I.T Oct. 2023
“The talent, skill and genuine caring manner of all concerned is great credit to the team/medical profession. I am forever in debt to you and the whole team.”IMAGE
M.F Oct. 2023
“I have immense admiration for the skills you possess and the are no words adequate enough to express my gratitude.”IMAGE
C.D Sep. 2023
“As you promised it has transformed his life. He is fit and well thanks to your skill and the skills of your team. A big thank you from both of us.”IMAGE
J.B July 2023
“I just wanted to say a quick thank you for all you have done to help me. What a journey it has been! My care whilst in Hospital couldn’t have been better. All of the staff were amazing.”IMAGE
D.C June 2023
“A big thank you for taking good care of me during my operation and after.”IMAGE
SJ Mar. 2023
“For the first time in nearly three years I ran today for five kilometres, something not so very long ago I wondered whether I would ever be able to do again. The feeling of being oneself again, after so long, is a truly wonderful thing and all thanks to you and those around you.”IMAGE
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