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Patients under my care will be guaranteed an approach which makes use of advanced and safe surgical techniques. I routinely use mini sternotomy incision and minimally invasive endoscopic procedures to harvest conduits for better cosmetic results.

We recommend coronary artery by-pass surgery using mini/full bypass or off pump and multiple arterial grafts. The presence of subspecialist interventional cardiologists in the team, with international education and experience enables us to offer qualifying patients with ischaemic heart disease pioneering hybrid revascularization techniques which combine the surgical implantation of arterial grafts with beating heart and intracoronary prosthesis (stent).

We can also repair aortic aneurysms with the application of axillary artery cannulation and ante-grade brain protection in an effort to minimize the possibility of causing neurological injuries. We prefer to repair rather than replace mitral and tricuspid valves using techniques of “respect” for tissues. We can offer to repair appropriately diseased aortic valves. Dilated aortic roots can be treated with remodeling or reconstruction procedures which preserve the native aortic valve so that these usually young patients can live a life without anticoagulants.

Recurrent atrial fibrillation can be treated surgically by us with the Maze technique, which has a success rate of up to 80% and allows the patient to have a normal cardiac rhythm and a life without anticoagulants.

For patients suffering from heart failure it is now possible to use techniques for left ventricular remodeling (restoration of the heart geometry) and in combination with other concomitant surgical interventions, to improve their cardiac function and their quality of life. For those patients with severe heart failure, we can offer mechanical support for their cardiac function using artificial heart assist devices (VAD).

We are pleased to offer treatment to patients with congenital heart disease in a physical environment that meets the most exacting European standards. Management of these patients is performed by a group of world-leading physicians in the field. Patients who require intervention but cannot be treated surgically will be offered treatment options using advanced and subspecialized interventional techniques.

We can also offer the opportunity for surgical treatment of patients with thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension. Pulmonary thromboarterectomy is the treatment of choice and the only way for these patients to extend their life expectance and live a better life.

Finally, we have also introduced a new and successful treatment for resistant common hypertension through renal arteries ablation (RDN – Ardian) for those patients who while under antihypertensive treatment are unable to adequately control their blood pressure.

Our referring health professionals can rely on us, knowing that they will have continuous and comprehensive information about the progress of their patients along with our continued support with regards to the postoperative management of our patients.

I am confident that with the help of all the members of my team, your patients will benefit from the best and most modern cardiovascular treatments options available, in a safe environment of mutual trust, respect and support.

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