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Teaching & Training

My teaching is based on the following principles: to develop the understanding and knowledge of the people I teach, while endorse their confidence and inspire them to progress and succeed

I have been offered a place at Kings College London to study Higher Clinical Education at Diploma level, bursary supported by Thames Valley Postgraduate Education Authority (starting Sep 2022).

I am fully GCP research certified in accordance to the MHRA’s Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Inspectorate, which is part of the Inspection, Standards and Enforcement Division of the MHRA. GCP assesses the compliance of organisations conducting clinical trials using investigational medicinal products with UK and EU legislation.

I have attended the “Training the Trainers” course, and the Training and Assessment in Practice (TAIP)” course (both by the Royal College of Surgeons of England).

    • Hon. Professor in Cardiac Surgery, University of Cumbria: Since 2017
    • Vis. Professor in Cardiac Surgery, Anglia Ruskin University – Cambridge: Since 2019
    • Hon. Senior Clinical Lecturer, University of Oxford: Since 2015
    • Spec. Lecturer in Cardiothoracic Surgery, University of Buckingham – Medical School: Since 2017
    • Spec. Lecturer in Cardiothoracic Surgery, Anglia Ruskin University – Cambridge: 2017 – 2019
    • International PhD external assessor: Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
    • Research Grand Applications Reviewer:
      • Imperial College London
      • Heart Research UK
    • Educational Supervisor for F2 trainees: Since 2014
    • Educational Supervisor for Surgical Nurse Practitioner trainees: Since 2018
    • Clinical Supervisor for F2/CT/SpR trainees: Since 2013
    • Core Surgical Training Interview Panellist (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)
    • Host of the JCIE exam in Cardiothoracic Surgery (29-31 Oct 2019)
    • Fully trained educational supervisor
      • ES Training and Development Courses (30/4 2019, 12/4 2021, 1/2 & 28/3 & 1/4 2022)
      • Diversity, Equal Opportunities and Human Rights (2016, 2018)
      • Training for Educational & Clinical Supervisors Seminar (4 July 2014)
      • Educational Supervisors Development Seminar (7 Oct. 2014)
      • Supporting the trainee Seminar (11 Nov. 2014)
      • ARCP master class Seminar (20 Nov. 2014)
    • Invited panellist
      • Medico-Legal issues in Cardiology and Respiratory Medicine (Oct. 2021)
      • Focused session: Minimally invasive coronary artery bypass grafting – EACTS Meeting (2017)
      • Wed-seminar on Pericardial DiseasesESC (Jan. 2016)
    • Invited lecturer – faculty at the following meetings:


Medical Governance

has always played a pivotal role in my career. I intend to explore all possible avenues to maintain this interest which contribute towards the development and wider recognition of the team and the hospital I work for.

Summary of clinical audits I have organised and/or conducted:

● Audit on blood product usage during Type A Aortic Dissection Repairs (OHC 2019):

This audit is now complete and highlights the fact that at OUH we use two sets of blood products per case. Further improvements made: new TEG6s machines were purchased for the Department and new “dissection pack” of blood products has become available.

● Audit on sternal wound infections after bilateral IMAs harvesting for CABG (OHC 2018):

This audit is now complete and highlights the fact that OUH has one of the lowest infection rates for bilateral IMA harvesting for CABG surgery in UK and internationally. Further improvements based on additional means of surgical wound infection prevention were suggested.

● Audit on quality and quantity of breakfast for patients who undergo surgery at the Oxford Heart Centre (OHC 2018):

This audit is now complete and highlights differenced between the breakfast that the patient want to have during their hospital stay and the breakfast that is currently offered to them. Improvements on selection and quality were suggested.

● Audit of post-operative length of stay in diabetic patients undergoing CABG surgery at the Oxford Heart Centre (OHC 2014):

This audit highlighted that poorly controlled diabetics have a prolonged postoperative length of stay and higher rate of complications. This prolong stay is also linked to high financial losses for the department. All points raised were discussed with the team and members of the hospital and relevant suggestions to improve the service were made.

●       Patient satisfaction survey on hospital experience for cardiac surgical patients operated by the team at St Luke’s Hospital (StLH 2011):

This survey highlighted areas of the service that require further improvement and areas that the patients were overwhelmingly satisfied. Both areas were discussed with the team and members of the hospital and relevant changes were implemented.

●       Assessment of my daily practice in managing cardiac patients and financial implications for St George’s Hospital – conducted and presented by the ward manager (StGH 2010):

My practice was audited for a period of five months by the ward manager of Benjamin Weird ward. She declared a high level of professionalism along with a high level of satisfaction amongst patients and staff. By her estimation my practice saved St George’s Hospital over £65.000 without accepting any compromise and by delivering health care to the highest standards.

●       LVRS at the RBH 2000-2003: “We have a NETT but what is the catch? (RBH 2004):

The LVRS program was temporarily stopped until preoperative patient optimisation was standardised to the audit derived recommendations. The surgical technique was changed from bilateral to sequential LVRS.

●       Tetralogy of Fallot: Audit and academic day (RBH 2004):

All patients undergoing TOF repair reviewed between Jan. 2002 – Aug. 2004. RBH patients undergo TOF repair at older age than other cardiac centres described in audit report. The reduced RV compliance in the older patient may contribute to the higher incidence of early morbidity, in particular arrhythmias and pleural effusions.

●       Sleeve lobectomies at the RBH 1999-2003 (RBH 2003):

The high level of patients’ satisfaction and quality of surgical service was highlighted. The program continued without interventions and the recommendation to perform sleeve lobectomies wherever appropriate was emphasised.

●       Nuss procedures at the RBH (RBH 2003):

The high level of satisfaction among this patient cohort was highlighted; a new Nuss-specific questionnaire was developed assessing levels of satisfaction and changes in self-esteem; results were published at the EJCTS.

●       Nutrition and Hip Fractures (Queen’s Hospital 1997):

The preoperative and postoperative nutrition optimisation of patients with hip fractures was addressed and a new hospital protocol was generated.

●       Nutritional status of the elderly: Are we missing the obvious? (Queen’s Hospital 1997):

The poor quality of nutrition status of elderly people requiring hospital admission was addressed and recommendations were made regarding assessment and in hospital optimisation strategies.


Administration & Management

I consider my ability to teamwork, my initiative, as well as my management of resources and people as strong points both personally and professionally. The following experiences have helped further my management skills:

● Clinical Governor for Oxford University Hospitals NHS FT, (March 2022 – today)

● Successful introduction of the following services to the Oxford Heart Centre

  • Hybrid Atrial Fibrillation – Convergent procedure
  • AtriClip
  • Frozen Elephant Trunk (FET)
  • Flowmetry for coronary artery by-pass surgery – VeriQ
  • Endoscopic conduit harvesting

●     Medical Advisory Committee Member, Manor Hospital – Nuffield Health (Oct 2019 – today)

●    “Leader of the Year” – Staff Recognition Award OUH NHS Foundation Trust (2019)

●     Managing Director Cardiac Surgery GK Ltd, Oxfordshire, UK (2019 – today)

●     Consultant for Medical Devices Companies

            * Abbott: 2019 – today

            * Medistim: 2019 – today

●     Non-Executive Director & Chairman for Liga College, Oxfordshire (2016 – 2020).

●     SBRI Healthcare – Surgical Application panelist (2018)

●     Member of the “IT Committee” for the Oxford Heart Centre (2016 – today).

●     Chairman of the “IT, Publicity & External Affairs Committee” for the Oxford Heart Centre (2014 – 2015).

●      Consultant champion for quality assurance and development of the cardiac surgical database at the Oxford Heart Centre (2015-today).

●      Treasurer for the Greek School of Holly Trinity – Oxford (2017 – 2020).

●       Initiation of a new cardiac surgical service for patients with Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension, with international links at St Luke’s Hospital, Thessaloniki, Hellas (2012).nurse practitioner

 ●      Initiation of a new cardiac surgical service for patients with Adult Congenital Heart Disease, with international links at St Luke’s Hospital, Thessaloniki, Hellas (2011).

●       Initiation of a new outreach outpatient clinic and cardiac MDT services at Ysbyty Gwynedd Hospital in Bangor, North Wales (2009).

●       One course on “Professional Development” (2007).

●        Two courses on “Management” (2002 and 2005).

●        One course on “Effective Communication Skills” (2005).

●        Representative for junior medical staff at Toronto General Hospital during which time I contributed towards restructuring the daily care provisions for the cardiothoracic wards.

●        Participation in the development and implementation of the Multidisciplinary Integrated Care Pathway for the CTh-patients at St. Bart’s and London Chest Hospitals.

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