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I have been a consultant cardiac surgeon since 2008 and I joined the Oxford Heart Centre of John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, UK in July 2013. I have been awarded the title of Hon. Professor in Cardiac Surgery from both the University of Cumbria (2017) and Anglia Raskin University (2019). I am also a Hon. Senior Clinical Lecturer in Cardiac Surgery at the University of Oxford, UK and a Specialist Lecturer for the Medical School, University of Buckingham, UK. In 2016 I have joined the Liga! College as a Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the non-executive board, until 2020

I finished my surgical training in England and I specialised in cardiothoracic surgery within the East London Rotation (NTN – Royal Brompton, St. Mary’s, St Bartholomew’s, & London Chest Hospitals of London). I gained my PhD in 1999 and I undertook a fellowship along side Prof. Tirone David at Toronto, Canada, where I sub-specialised in advanced aortic repairs and reconstructive cardiac surgery.

I tend to favour minimally access, cosmetic approaches for the performance of all regular cardiac surgical procedures. My team and I use techniques to minimize surgical trauma in the majority of our cardiac operations. I advocate the use of arterial grafts to perform coronary artery bypass surgery (by-pass) with or without the use of extracorporeal circulation. I have experience in advanced techniques of aortic aneurysm and I can offer surgical treatment to patients suffering from cardiac arrhythmias. I believe that where possible, repairing a diseased heart valve or the aortic root is the best form of treatment and I am pleased to be able to offer these sub-specialized surgical techniques to appropriate patients with excellent results.

My philosophy is based on providing surgical, medical and humanitarian services of the highest standards. I believe in the development of quality health services and devote much of my time making sure that my patients receive what they are entitled to: effective medical and surgical care, safety, dignity and respect.



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