S. M. Dec 2019
“I would like to thank you (and you team) for the amazing surgery which you did for me and my heart last August..” IMAGE
H. D. & S Dec 2019
“My written words could not possibly convey my thanks and appreciation.” IMAGE
J. N. Sep. 2019
“…since what you and your team did for me, I feel like a new person and you really have improved the quality of my life.” IMAGE
N. H. June 2019
“Many thanks for your brilliant work. I am extremely grateful.” IMAGE
N. & C. C. May 2019
“I appreciated the straightforward but considerate way we talked together about the operation, the procedure and my choices on blood & it’s derivatives. Words don’t seem enough to express my and my family’s gratitude for all that you have done. THANK YOU!!!!” IMAGE
D.L. May 2019
“Many thanks for all your hands on support during this rather difficult time” IMAGE
J.B-Ph. May 2019
“It is not possible to thank you adequately for everything that you have done for me. It has been all so invaluable” IMAGE
J.B-P. Apr. 2019
“I would like to express my profound gratitude for the consummate professional skills, the excellent care and the inestimable kindness I received during my heart by pass and my stay at Oxford Heart Centre” IMAGE
S. & M.T. March. 2019
“Thank you seems so inadequate for the job you do” IMAGE
P. & J.R. Feb. 2019
“We really appreciate all you have done for him and welcome his speedy recovery” IMAGE
B.G. Jan. 2019
“My grateful thanks to you for saving my life…” IMAGE
B.H. Dec. 2018
“I am doing well thank you” IMAGE
C.McN. Dec. 2018
“Many thanks for all your treatment and care” IMAGE
J.L. Dec. 2018
“I would like to thank you very much for the excellent operation you performed…” IMAGE
R.E. Dec. 2018
“You have totally transformed my life from being a couch potato to so full of energy once again. Words can not thank you enough” IMAGE1 IMAGE2
R.H. Nov. 2018
“A week after I had surgery I was walking with my wife and dog in the Savenake Forest. This is amazing and I would like to tell the World…” IMAGE
J.W. Nov. 2018
“…express my and my families profound gratitude and thanks for restoring me to a very full and active life by the application of your knowledge, skill and care, it’s appreciated every day” IMAGE

D.E Nov. 2018
“Thank you very much for the care and dedication…” IMAGE
D.A Aug. 2018
“Thank you very much for your care and kindness.” IMAGE
C.H Aug. 2018
“Many thanks to you and the staff of CTC, doctors and nurses for restoring my health and for the new life you have given me.” IMAGE
W.E July. 2018
“I can not find adequate words to thank you for the faultless care and attention given to me not only when I was with you but in the weeks since – and ongoing with appointments made ahead” IMAGE
A.H. June. 2018
“The dedication of you and your team was simple outstanding and I know I was very lucky indeed to be in all your hands” IMAGE IMAGE
T.H. July. 2018
I would like to express mine and my families thanks for all the staff in the JR and MK for the care and attention to myself on my heart valve replacement operation which was carried out by Mr George Krasopoulos IMAGE
R.W. February. 2018
I am impressed that my main chest scar is so neat and small and friends in the medical profession were surprised you were able to remove the vein from my leg using just two small keyhole incisions. My biggest surprise of all was that after such major surgery I felt no pain and used no painkillers after just two weeks. IMAGE
O. A. February. 2018
Having my condition diagnosed as it was and then being fortunate enough to have yourself, such an expert in your field, perform my surgery, shows how fortunate I have been. IMAGE
D. M. December. 2017
A great big thank you to you and your fabulous team. I am 4 weeks on from the operation and can report that my blood pressure and heart beat are that of a much younger man. IMAGE
J. H. November. 2017
I have admired, respected and enjoyed your candour, pragmatism and sense of humour throughout. I shall always be grateful for your support and encouragement and for the lifetime you’ve extended to me. IMAGE
G. S. October. 2017
On the second anniversary of my triple bypass surgery, thank you for your excellent work and professional care and support.IMAGE
R H November. 2017
One year on when I had a new aortic valve installed and I’m still breathing. Thanks to you and your wonderful team. IMAGE
P & S H November. 2017
Thank you to Mr Krasopoulos and the team. IMAGE
A D P. November. 2017
I am so grateful to you all for your kindness in giving me a “longer life” and certainly a more comfortable life than I have been experiencing of late.IMAGE
A A. November. 2017
Thank you for your clarity, confidence and ingenuity! IMAGE
J. B. September. 2017
With sincere appreciation for your expertise, help and support during my stay at the John Radcliffe Hospital.. IMAGE
J & R McK. August. 2017
The care and attention Robert received from all the medical staff at the John Radcliffe left us in no doubt as to the excellence of their training and their capabilities in caring for patients.. IMAGE

S & R H. August 2017
…grateful thanks and very best wishes. IMAGE

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