12 innovations that will revolutionize the future of medicine

The future of medicine is fast approaching and it will change the way medics are practicing but also the way patients are treated. In this article you could read about new and exciting technologies that are not far for becoming common practice.

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Finding Key To Regenerating Blood Vessels

The findings, published in Nature Communications, may improve current strategies to improve blood flow in ischemic tissue, such as that found in atherosclerosis and peripheral vascular disease associated with diabetes.

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Our research: New Heart Imaging Method May Predict Heart Attacks

CT imaging allows detection of those patients with small but inflamed artherosclerotic plaques in thier heart arteries that are prone to rupture, therefore are about to cause a heart attack.

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NICE Guidance Recommends HeartFlow FFRct Analysis for Patients With Stable Chest Pain

U.K. committee concludes FFR-CT is safe, highly accurate and cost-effective solution for non-invasive evaluation

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The Living Heart Project

The Living Heart Project: 3D and Virtual reality will change the way we threat patients with heart diseases.


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ESC webinar on Pericardial diseases

Jan 29, 16 ESC webinar on Pericardial diseases

The pericardial diseases spectrum: How the guidelines help us manage this condition?

Speakers:Professor Yehuda Adler, Professor Massimo Imazio and Dr. George Krasopoulos

European Society of Cardiology


This webinar will specifically focus on:

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