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Consultant Cardiac Surgeon 

● Oxford Heart Centre at John Radcliffe Hospital & Nuffield Health,

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Headly Way, Oxford, OX3 9DU, U.K.

Hon. Professor in Cardiac Surgery  

University of Cumbria, UK

Hon. Professor in Cardiac Surgery  

● Medical Science – Anglia Ruskin University, U.K.

Hon. Senior Clinical Lecturer in Cardiac Surgery  

University of Oxford, UK

Specialist Clinical Lecturer in Cardiothoracic Surgery  

University of Buckingham, UK

Non-Executive Director & Chairman

 Liga! College


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Consultant Adult Cardiac Surgeon

June 2010 – June 2013:   ♦ St Luke’s Hospital, Thessaloniki

● Panorama, Thessaloniki 55 236, Hellas.

                                               ♦ Interbalkan European Medical Centre

Thermi, Thessaloniki 57 001, Hellas.

Nov. 2009 – June 2010:     St. George’s Hospital, London

● Blackshaw Road, London SW17 0QT, UK.

Oct. 2008 – Oct. 2009:       Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital, Liverpool

● Thomas Drive, Liverpool L14 3PE, UK.


NTN – Senior Registrar in Adult Cardiac Surgery

1 July ’07 – 30 Sep. ’08:  London Chest Hospital, London

Bonner Road, London, E2 9JX, UK.


Fellowship in Adult Cardiovascular & Aortic Surgery

1 Jan. – 31 Dec. 2006:     Toronto General Hospital, Canada

● Elizabeth St, M5G 2C4, Canada

Chief of cardiovascular services: Prof. Tirone E. David


NTN Specialist Registrar in Cardiothoracic Surgery

– National Training Number at East London Rotation, LDN/029/026/N –

1 July ’03 – 30 June ’07: Royal Brompton Hospital, London

1 Jan. – 30 June 2003: London Chest Hospital, London

1 Jan. – 31 Dec. 2002:   St. Bartholomew’s, London

 23 Oct. ’00 – 31 Dec ’01: St. Mary’s Hospital, London.


Senior-SHO/RSO in Cardiothoracic Surgery (1998-2000)

London Chest Hospital, London

St. Thomas’ Hospital, London

Guys & St. Thomas’ Hospitals, London


SHO – Basic Surgical Training (1996-1998)

  • Senior House Officer in Cardiothoracic Surgery / ITU

Northern General Hospital, Sheffield, (5 Feb–3 Aug 1998).

  • Senior House Officer in ITU (4 months)

Royal Infirmary & City Gen. Hospital, Stoke, (20 Oct 1997–4 Feb1998).

  • Senior House Officer in A & E (2 months)

Queen’s Hospital, Burton upon Trent, (6 Aug–19 Oct 1997).

  • Senior House Officer in Orthopaedics,

Queen’s Hospital, Burton upon Trent, (5 Feb–5 Aug 1997).

  • Senior House Officer in General Surgery,

Queen’s Hospital, Burton-on-Trent, (20 May 1996 – 4 Feb 1997).


Compulsory military service in Hellas (1994-1996)

Surgeon – Ensign of Hellenic Naval Forces: Two years of compulsory military service.

  • Resident in Thoracic & Vascular Surgery,

Athens Naval and Veterans Hospital, Athens (8 months)

  • Resident in General Surgery & A&E,

Salamis Naval Hospital, Salamina (6 months)

  • Ship Surgeon,

Warship (Corvette) K/F AGON (7 months)


Operating experience in cardiothoracic surgery

Cardiac Operations Thoracic Operations
CABG Surgery
CABG on pump
CABG off pump / MIDCAB


Aortic Surgery
Sub-aortic stenosis – relief
Supra-aortic stenosis – relief
AVR + MVR/repair
AVR + MVR/repair + CABG
AVR + Ascending aorta repair +/- CABG
Aortic aneurysms repair / “Elephant trunk”
Aortic dissections repair
Aortic root reconstruction – repair
Aortic Homografts
Aortic coarctation repair
AVR + MVR/repair + TVR/repair
AVR + MVR/repair + TVR/repair + CABG
Ross procedure
LVOT patch augmentation
Closure of sub-aortic cavity
Hypoplastic aortic arch repair
Hypoplastic left heart repair (Norwood I)
Arterial Switch operation
Aorto – Pulmonary window closure


Mitral Valve Surgery
MV-repair + CABG
MV-repair + TV-repair(±CABG)


Tricuspid Valve Surgery


Pulmonary Valve Surgery
PV homograft
PV repair
RV to PA valve conduit
Pulmonary Arteries & Veins Surgery
PA trans-annular augmentation
Re-construction of pulmonary artery
Anomalous pulmonary vein repairs
Pulmonary Embolectomies
TAPVC repair
PA banding / de-banding


Arrhythmia Surgery
Cardioablations/ c+s MASE
Epicardial pacing wires / Pacemaker insertion


Heart Failure Surgery
HOCUM /sub-valve membrane
LV aneurysm repairs
VSD + CABG / LV ruptures + CABG
Heart transplantation (donor)
Heart transplantation (recipient)
Cardiac biopsies


Other Cardiac Surgery
ASD/PFO closure
VSD closure
Cardiac tumours/removal of clots
Pericardial windows
RVOTO myectomy/reconstruction
PDA closure
B-T shunt closure
B-T shunt
Central Shunt (AscAo-to-PA)
Aortic coarctation repair
Epicardial pacing wires/box
Pericardial window
AVSD closure
Atrial septostomy
Central Shunt (AscAo-to-PA)
Biventricular repair
Bidirectional Glenn
TCPC (Fontan completion)
Re-do sternotomies
Lung wedge resec./bullectomies
Systematic nodal dissection
Chest wall reconstructions
Open pleurectomies -odesis
Axillary abrations/bullectomies
VATS pleurectomies, bullectomies, pleurodesis
VATS lung biopsies
Metastasectomies (multiple)
Nuss procedures / Ravitich
Evacuation of haemothorax
ORIF of fractured sternum
Surgical tracheostomies
Tracheal T-tube insertion
Anterior mediastinotomies
Cervical Mediastinoscopies
Nissen fundopl. (laparotomy)
C-CAM excision
Anatomical segmentectomies
Exc. post. mediastinal tumours
Exc. mediastinal tumours
Evac. extra-pleural haematoma
Tracheo-oesoph. fistula repair
Tracheal resection
Airway stents
Pleuro-peritoneal shunt
Pericardial window (abdominal)
Rigid bronchoscopies
Flexible bronchoscopies