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Consultant Cardiac Surgeon 

● Oxford Heart Centre at John Radcliffe Hospital,

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Headly Way, Oxford, OX3 9DU, U.K.

Hon. Professor in Cardiac Surgery  

University of Cumbria, UK

Hon. Senior Clinical Lecturer in Cardiac Surgery  

University of Oxford, UK

Specialist Clinical Lecturer in Cardiothoracic Surgery  

University of Buckingham, UK

● Medical Science – Anglia Ruskin University, U.K.

Non-Executive Director & Chairman

 Liga! College


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Consultant Adult Cardiac Surgeon

June 2010 – June 2013:   ♦ St Luke’s Hospital, Thessaloniki

● Panorama, Thessaloniki 55 236, Hellas.

                                               ♦ Interbalkan European Medical Centre

Thermi, Thessaloniki 57 001, Hellas.

Nov. 2009 – June 2010:     St. George’s Hospital, London

● Blackshaw Road, London SW17 0QT, UK.

Oct. 2008 – Oct. 2009:       Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital, Liverpool

● Thomas Drive, Liverpool L14 3PE, UK.


NTN – Senior Registrar in Adult Cardiac Surgery

1 July ’07 – 30 Sep. ’08:  London Chest Hospital, London

Bonner Road, London, E2 9JX, UK.


Fellowship in Adult Cardiovascular & Aortic Surgery

1 Jan. – 31 Dec. 2006:     Toronto General Hospital, Canada

● Elizabeth St, M5G 2C4, Canada

Chief of cardiovascular services: Prof. Tirone E. David


NTN Specialist Registrar in Cardiothoracic Surgery

– National Training Number at East London Rotation, LDN/029/026/N –

1 July ’03 – 30 June ’07: Royal Brompton Hospital, London

1 Jan. – 30 June 2003: London Chest Hospital, London

1 Jan. – 31 Dec. 2002:   St. Bartholomew’s, London

 23 Oct. ’00 – 31 Dec ’01: St. Mary’s Hospital, London.


Senior-SHO/RSO in Cardiothoracic Surgery (1998-2000)

London Chest Hospital, London

St. Thomas’ Hospital, London

Guys & St. Thomas’ Hospitals, London


SHO – Basic Surgical Training (1996-1998)

  • Senior House Officer in Cardiothoracic Surgery / ITU

Northern General Hospital, Sheffield, (5 Feb–3 Aug 1998).

  • Senior House Officer in ITU (4 months)

Royal Infirmary & City Gen. Hospital, Stoke, (20 Oct 1997–4 Feb1998).

  • Senior House Officer in A & E (2 months)

Queen’s Hospital, Burton upon Trent, (6 Aug–19 Oct 1997).

  • Senior House Officer in Orthopaedics,

Queen’s Hospital, Burton upon Trent, (5 Feb–5 Aug 1997).

  • Senior House Officer in General Surgery,

Queen’s Hospital, Burton-on-Trent, (20 May 1996 – 4 Feb 1997).


Compulsory military service in Hellas (1994-1996)

Surgeon – Ensign of Hellenic Naval Forces: Two years of compulsory military service.

  • Resident in Thoracic & Vascular Surgery,

Athens Naval and Veterans Hospital, Athens (8 months)

  • Resident in General Surgery & A&E,

Salamis Naval Hospital, Salamina (6 months)

  • Ship Surgeon,

Warship (Corvette) K/F AGON (7 months)


Operating experience in cardiothoracic surgery

Cardiac Operations Thoracic Operations
CABG Surgery
CABG on pump
CABG off pump / MIDCAB


Aortic Surgery
Sub-aortic stenosis – relief
Supra-aortic stenosis – relief
AVR + MVR/repair
AVR + MVR/repair + CABG
AVR + Ascending aorta repair +/- CABG
Aortic aneurysms repair / “Elephant trunk”
Aortic dissections repair
Aortic root reconstruction – repair
Aortic Homografts
Aortic coarctation repair
AVR + MVR/repair + TVR/repair
AVR + MVR/repair + TVR/repair + CABG
Ross procedure
LVOT patch augmentation
Closure of sub-aortic cavity
Hypoplastic aortic arch repair
Hypoplastic left heart repair (Norwood I)
Arterial Switch operation
Aorto – Pulmonary window closure


Mitral Valve Surgery
MV-repair + CABG
MV-repair + TV-repair(±CABG)


Tricuspid Valve Surgery


Pulmonary Valve Surgery
PV homograft
PV repair
RV to PA valve conduit
Pulmonary Arteries & Veins Surgery
PA trans-annular augmentation
Re-construction of pulmonary artery
Anomalous pulmonary vein repairs
Pulmonary Embolectomies
TAPVC repair
PA banding / de-banding


Arrhythmia Surgery
Cardioablations/ c+s MASE
Epicardial pacing wires / Pacemaker insertion


Heart Failure Surgery
HOCUM /sub-valve membrane
LV aneurysm repairs
VSD + CABG / LV ruptures + CABG
Heart transplantation (donor)
Heart transplantation (recipient)
Cardiac biopsies


Other Cardiac Surgery
ASD/PFO closure
VSD closure
Cardiac tumours/removal of clots
Pericardial windows
RVOTO myectomy/reconstruction
PDA closure
B-T shunt closure
B-T shunt
Central Shunt (AscAo-to-PA)
Aortic coarctation repair
Epicardial pacing wires/box
Pericardial window
AVSD closure
Atrial septostomy
Central Shunt (AscAo-to-PA)
Biventricular repair
Bidirectional Glenn
TCPC (Fontan completion)
Re-do sternotomies
Lung wedge resec./bullectomies
Systematic nodal dissection
Chest wall reconstructions
Open pleurectomies -odesis
Axillary abrations/bullectomies
VATS pleurectomies, bullectomies, pleurodesis
VATS lung biopsies
Metastasectomies (multiple)
Nuss procedures / Ravitich
Evacuation of haemothorax
ORIF of fractured sternum
Surgical tracheostomies
Tracheal T-tube insertion
Anterior mediastinotomies
Cervical Mediastinoscopies
Nissen fundopl. (laparotomy)
C-CAM excision
Anatomical segmentectomies
Exc. post. mediastinal tumours
Exc. mediastinal tumours
Evac. extra-pleural haematoma
Tracheo-oesoph. fistula repair
Tracheal resection
Airway stents
Pleuro-peritoneal shunt
Pericardial window (abdominal)
Rigid bronchoscopies
Flexible bronchoscopies